Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tumbleweed Rover

Try to imagine a man made tumbleweed exploring mars. Have any idea what it looks like?

Here’s a glimpse:
The concept of the Tumbleweed rover was designed to flow with the wind. Mars has strong winds which the Tumbleweed rover can make full use.Conserving energy and exploring larger range of the planet. But this rover has no planned mission yet since it’s still being studied.

A Mars rover is an automated vehicle which is used to explore the surface of Mars. Rovers have a huge advantage over stationed landers. They can examine more territory, automated, solar powered, can withstand extreme weathers, and can collect sample items from the planet. Over the years, there have been atleast 3 successful rovers sent by NASA to Mars.

Sojourner rover
 Probably the most famous rover since it landed on Mars on 1997
 Spirit Rover
Landed on Mars on January 4, 2004. Originally designed for a 90 Sol mission . But due to it’s continues profound discoveires, it was extended several times.  And now, it’s stuck on Mars due to technical failures.

A sol = 1 Martian day (longer than an Earth day at 24 hours and 37 mins).
The twin sister of Spirit landed on the opposite side of Mars on January 25, 2004. Also designed for a 90 Sol mission. Both Spirit and Opportunity was launched to explore the what looks like a former water bed billion years old.

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